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V-Type High Efficiency Filter
  • V-Type High Efficiency FilterV-Type High Efficiency Filter

V-Type High Efficiency Filter

The Jinda high quality V-Type High Efficiency Filter employs ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper or polypropylene filter paper as its filter material, tightly folded to form dense pleats. These pleats are separated by paper separators or aluminum foil separators with small intervals to maintain unobstructed airflow passages. The outer frame is crafted from galvanized sheet, stainless steel sheet, or aluminum alloy profiles, and it's hermetically sealed using modern polyurethane sealant. This filter finds extensive use in general filtration across various industries, including electronics, medicine, hospitals, and food production. It's also suitable for high-temperature environments.

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Product Description

The Jinda customized V-Type High Efficiency Filter features thermoplastic insulation to ensure equidistant pleats, allowing air to pass with minimal resistance while maximizing dust-holding capacity. This design leads to reduced energy consumption and lower operational costs. Additionally, the V-type filter's compact design significantly reduces its weight, simplifying installation. The inclusion of double-sided metal mesh further minimizes the risk of damage during both installation and transportation.


Considerable filtration area; long operating life; no metal parts; huge dust holding capacity
Performance parameters
Type: High performance "V" filter
Filter material: water-resistant glass fiber filter paper
Frame material: polystyrene/galvanized
Dividers: hot melt adhesive
Sealant: Polyurethane
Filtration efficiency level: H11 (EN1822), ≥95%@MPPS
H12(EN1822), ≥99.5%@MPPS
H13(EN1822), ≥99.95%@MPPS H14(EN1822), ≥99.995%@MPPS
Recommended final resistance: ≤600Pa
Continuous and stable operating temperature: no higher than 60℃

thickness initial resistance@2.5m/sPa
(inches) (mm) H11 H12 H13 H14
12 292 230 255 285 300

Type Specification(W×H×D) Rated air volume
initial resistance(Pa)
Counting efficiency(F8)
Counting efficiency(F9)
Counting efficiency(E10)
Counting efficiency(E12)
Counting efficiency(H13)
ABS 4VWGB592.287 592×287×292 1700 60 90 110 160 220
4VWGB592.492 592×492×292 2700
4VWGB592.592 592×592×292 2400
Metal plate 4VWGB592.610 610×610×292 3000
4VXWGB610.305 610×305×292 1200

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