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Deep-pleat High Efficiency Filter
  • Deep-pleat High Efficiency FilterDeep-pleat High Efficiency Filter

Deep-pleat High Efficiency Filter

These Jinda high quality Deep-pleat High Efficiency Filters are designed for high-efficiency air filtration applications, providing outstanding filtration performance while maintaining low resistance and stability. They are meticulously tested to meet international standards and can effectively operate in environments with temperature considerations up to 60°C.

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Product Description

Jinda Deep-pleat High Efficiency Filters from China factory have a pleated or folded structure that provides a large surface area for air to pass through. This design increases the filter's particle-holding capacity and extends its lifespan. Deep-pleat High Efficiency Filters come in various ratings to meet the specific requirements of different applications. For instance, HEPA filters are known for their exceptionally high efficiency, capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns, while MERV ratings cover a broader range of filter efficiencies.These Deep Pleat HEPA Filters use advanced filtration media, such as glass fiber, synthetic materials, or other specialized filter media, to effectively trap particles, dust, allergens, microorganisms, and contaminants.


Exceptionally low resistance, contributing to energy efficiency.
Double-sided protection net for enhanced filter durability.
Consistently stable performance.
Rigorous one-by-one testing in accordance with EN 1822 standards.
Features a sealed liquid tank design.

Performance Specifications:

Type: High-efficiency plate filter (liquid tank design).
Filter material: Water-resistant glass fiber filter paper.
Frame material: Anodized aluminum alloy profile.
Separators: Utilizes hot melt adhesive.
Sealant: Comprises polyurethane and jelly glue.

Filtration efficiency levels:

H13 (EN 1822): Efficiency rating of ≥99.95% at MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size).
H14 (EN 1822): Efficiency rating of ≥99.995% at MPPS.
H15 (EN 1822): Efficiency rating of ≥99.9995% at MPPS.
H16 (EN 1822): Efficiency rating of ≥99.99995% at MPPS.
Recommended final resistance: ≤500Pa.
Suitable for continuous and stable operation at temperatures not exceeding 60°C.

thickness initial resistance@3.0m/sPa
(inches) (mm) H13 H14 U15 U16
21/2 69 105 110 120 140
21/2 69 75 80 90 110
41/3 110 60 65 70 85

Type specification(W×H×D) Air volume (m/h) initial resistance(Pa) Suggested final resistance(PA) efficiency@MPPS
Side tank YWGB 410.410-95H14 410×410×93 500 220 450 99.995%≤E
YWGB 550.550-93H14 550×550×93 1000
YWGB 6500.650-95H14D 650×650×93 1500
YWGB 550.1060-93H14 550×1060×93 2000
Top liquid tank YWGB 400.400-95H14D 400×400×95 500
YWGB 550.550-95H14D 550×550×95 1000
YWGB 630.630-95H14D 630×630×95 1500
YWGB 550.1100-95H15 550×1100×95 2000
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