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High Efficiency Filter Without Partition
  • High Efficiency Filter Without PartitionHigh Efficiency Filter Without Partition

High Efficiency Filter Without Partition

The Jinda High Efficiency Filter Without Partition from China manufacturers employs ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper or polypropylene filter paper as its filtering material and is separated using hot melt adhesive.

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Product Description

Key Features:

Low resistance; double-sided protection net; stable performance; tested one by one according to EN1822
Utilizes imported American HV filter material renowned for its high humidity resistance, high efficiency, low resistance, and significant dust-holding capacity.
The Jinda High Efficiency Filter Without Partition's outer frame is constructed from aluminum profiles, featuring an anodized surface. Plastic-sprayed metal mesh is incorporated on the air inlet and outlet surfaces to safeguard the filter element from potential damage.
Incorporates unique seamless sealing technology, offering excellent elasticity, preventing deformation, and ensuring leak resistance.
Compact dimensions and lightweight design. It features an anodized aluminum alloy frame material, making it easy to handle and install.
Available in various thicknesses, including 69mm, 90mm, 110mm, and others.
Laser scanning and counting analysis reveals an exceptional maximum efficiency in capturing 0.12-micron particles (MPPS) with a rating of 99.5% (EN1822).

Performance parameters

Type: High efficiency plate filter
Filter material: water-resistant glass fiber filter paper
Frame material: galvanized/aluminum alloy/stainless steel
Dividers: hot melt adhesive
Sealant: Polyurethane
Filtration efficiency grade: H11 (EN1822), ≥ 95% @ MPPS
H12 (EN1822), ≥ 99.5% @ MPPS H13 (EN1822), ≥ 99.95% @ MPPS H14 (EN1822), ≥ 99.995% @ MPPS
Recommended final resistance: ≤500Pa
Continuous and stable operating temperature: no higher than 60℃


High Efficiency Filter Without Partition from China factory find wide application in environments with stringent cleanliness requirements, such as chip factories and clean working areas classified as Class 10 cleanrooms. These filters contribute significantly to maintaining a high level of air purity in these settings.

thickness initial resistance@0.45m/sPa
(inches) (mm) H11 H12 H13 H14
21/2 69 95 100 115 130
31/2 90 80 90 100 110
Feb-41 110 50 55 60 65

Type specification(WXHXD) Air volume(m/h) Rated wind speed(m/s) initial resistance(Pa) Suggested final resistance(Pa) efficiency@MPPS
WGB 610.610-69H14 610X 610X 69 1000 0.75 160 350 99.995%≤E
WGB 610 1220-69H14 610X 1220X 69 2000
WGB 570.1170-70H13 570X 1170X70 1100 0.45 110 250 99.99%≤E
WGB 570.1170-70H13 870X 1170X70 1700
WGB 1170.1170-70H13 1170X 1170X 70 2200

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