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High Efficiency Filter with Diaphragm
  • High Efficiency Filter with DiaphragmHigh Efficiency Filter with Diaphragm

High Efficiency Filter with Diaphragm

The Jinda High Efficiency Filter with Diaphragm from China manufacturers is a type of air or fluid filtration system designed to provide exceptional efficiency in capturing and removing fine particles and contaminants from the air or liquid being processed. The addition of a diaphragm within the filter may be for various purposes, such as ensuring uniform airflow or pressure, enhancing filtration performance, or facilitating the filter's cleaning and maintenance.

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Product Description

Key Features:

The use of High Efficiency Filter with Diaphragm from China factory can help improve the filter's performance by maintaining a consistent and controlled airflow or pressure gradient across the filter medium. This results in more effective particle capture and removal.
High-efficiency filters with diaphragms are commonly used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, semiconductor manufacturing, cleanroom environments, healthcare, and food processing, where maintaining a high level of air or liquid purity is critical.


High strength structural design
Jinda High-quality filter material fiber ensures that the filter maintains good filtration efficiency during its life cycle. Scan one by one according to EN1822

Performance parameters

Type: Pleated box filter with partitions
Filter material: water-resistant glass fiber filter paper
Frame material: galvanized/aluminum alloy/stainless steel
Dividers: Aluminum/paper foil
Sealant: Polyurethane
Filtration efficiency level: H11 (EN779), ≥95%@MPPS
H12(EN779), ≥99.5%@MPPS
Recommended final resistance: ≤500Pa
Continuous and stable operating temperature: no higher than 90℃

thickness pleat pitch initial resistance@0.8m/sPa
(inches) (mm) (mm) H11 H12 H13 H14

3 165 185 200 215
6 150 5 180 205 220 235

8 200 225 250 260

3 150 165 180 195
9 220 5 160 185 200 210

8 180 200 225 235

Type specification(W×H×D) Rated air volume(m/h) initial resistance(Pa) final resistance(Pa) efficiency@MPPS
GB 320series-H14 320×320×220 500 250 450 H14
GB 484series-H14 484×484×220 1000
GB 630series-H14 630×630×220 1500
GB 968series-H14 484×968×220 2000

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