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Vertical Flow Clean Bench For Cleanroom
  • Vertical Flow Clean Bench For CleanroomVertical Flow Clean Bench For Cleanroom

Vertical Flow Clean Bench For Cleanroom

The Jinda vertical flow clean bench for cleanroom from China factory is a specialized apparatus created to establish a confined and strictly controlled workspace characterized by an exceptional level of cleanliness and sterility. These benches find application in various tasks and scenarios demanding safeguarding against both particulate pollutants and biological agents.

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Product Description

The Jinda Vertical Flow Clean Bench For Cleanroom can also be integrated into an assembly line, offering the benefits of elevated cleanliness levels and mobility. This integration greatly enhances process conditions, production quality, and product yield rates.

Product parameters (desktop vertical flow)

Cleanliness level Level 100 (US Federal 209E)
average wind speed 0.4m/s±20%(Adjustable in three gears)
Noise ≤65dB(A)
vibration half peak ≤3μm
illumination ≥300LX
power supply AC, single phase 220V/50Hz
Maximum power 0.4KW 0.8KW 0.4KW 0.8KW
Purification area size (width * depth * height mm) 830*700*500 1340*700*500 830*700*500 1340*700*500
Overall dimensions (width*depth*height mm) 990*740*1600 1500*740*1600 990*780*1600 1500*780*1600
Primary filter specifications and quantity 490*490*20*① 490*490*20*② 490*490*20*① 490*490*20*②
Specifications and quantities of high-efficiency filters without partitions 800*600*50*① 650*600*50*② 800*600*50*① 650*600*50*②
Specifications and quantities of germicidal lamps/lighting lamps 14W*①/LED 9W*① 14W*②/LED9W② 14W*①/LED 9W*① 14W*②/LED9W*②
Box material Vertical Flow Clean Bench For Cleanroom adopts galvanized square tube steel plate structure, and the whole is treated with electrostatic spraying. The work area table is made of stainless steel.
fan     Single YYD-50*1, double YYD-50*2 (independent tap fan, independent motor winding).
controller High, medium and low speed adjustment, soft contact switch
Universal wheel Nylon wheel material, wear-resistant, load-bearing 400Kg
Airflow direction Vertical flow direction (lifting glass type)
side windshield

5mm tempered glass, blue aluminum alloy high-strength large handle

(Use the balance iron block to adjust the lifting and positioning at any time, and the service life is more than 10 years)

Applicable number of people Single person single sided Double single sided Single person double sided Double sided

The Jinda Vertical Flow Clean Bench For Cleanroom from China factory is a type of local air purification equipment that employs a laminar flow system. It features an adjustable air volume fan system, allowing users to control the airflow velocity within the clean working area, ensuring it remains within the ideal range. It can be customized to include a pressure gauge to monitor the resistance of the high-efficiency filter, enabling timely replacement when necessary.

The air inlet for the ultra-clean bench can be positioned either at the rear or the front of the bottom. Inside, there is typically a metal mesh cover along with a common foam sheet or non-woven fabric to block larger dust particles. It is crucial to regularly inspect and clean these components, replacing the foam if it becomes aged. Additionally, any air leakage points should be securely sealed, using methods like tape, cotton plugs, or adhesive paper.

Behind the metal mesh cover at the front of the worktable is the super filter, which can also be replaced. Over time, with usage, dust particles may accumulate, reducing airflow velocity and compromising the ability to maintain an aseptic environment. When this occurs, the super filter can be replaced with a new one to ensure the continued effectiveness of the clean air bench.

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