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Double Person Laminar Flow Clean Bench
  • Double Person Laminar Flow Clean BenchDouble Person Laminar Flow Clean Bench

Double Person Laminar Flow Clean Bench

The Jinda customized double person laminar flow clean bench, often referred to as a double-sided or dual-person laminar flow clean bench, is a piece of laboratory equipment designed to provide a controlled, clean environment for conducting tasks that require a high level of cleanliness and protection from particulate contaminants. It is commonly used in research, medical, and pharmaceutical laboratories, as well as in industries such as electronics manufacturing.

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Product Description

The Jinda Double Person Laminar Flow Clean Bench from China factory is engineered to fulfill the cleanliness requirements of contemporary industries, including optoelectronics, biopharmaceuticals, and scientific research and testing, particularly for maintaining clean workspaces in localized environments.

The primary function of the Double Person Laminar Flow Clean Bench is to create a laminar flow of ultra-clean air. This means that filtered air is blown out in a continuous, unidirectional flow to maintain a sterile working area. This airflow helps protect the work surface and any samples or equipment from contamination.

Working Principle:
Within a designated area, ambient indoor air undergoes a two-stage filtration process. Initially, it is pre-filtered by a pre-filter, and subsequently, a small centrifugal fan propels it into a static pressure chamber. From there, the air passes through a high-efficiency air filter. The resulting purified air is then released from the high-efficiency air filter's outlet. This air exhibits a precise and consistent cross-sectional wind speed, effectively displacing the ambient air in the working area and removing dust particles and biological contaminants. Consequently, this process establishes a sterile and highly clean working environment.

type JD-CJ-1A JD-CJ-2A JD-QB-1A JD-QB-2A
Cleanliness level 100grade(US Federal 209E)
average wind speed 0.4m/s±20%(Adjustable)
Noise ≤65dB(A)
vibration half peak ≤3μm
illumination ≥300LX
power supply AC, single phase 220V/50Hz
Maximum power 0.4KW 0.8KW 0.4KW 0.8KW
Purification area size (width * depth * height mm) 850*500*620 1450*500*620 770*510*520 1270*510*520
Overall dimensions (width*depth*height mm) 900*720*1450 1500*720*1450 800*710*1500 1300*710*1500
Primary filter specifications and quantity 490*490*20*① 820*600*50*① 260*220*10*② 260*220*10*②
Specifications and quantities of high-efficiency filters without partitions 820*600*50*① 600*600*50*① 720*484*50*① 1220*484*50*①
Specifications and quantities of germicidal lamps/lighting lamps 14W*①pc/LED 9W*①pc 28W*①pc/LED 18W*①pc T58W*①pc/14W*①pc T514W*①pc/21W*①pc
Box material

It adopts a closed cold-rolled steel plate structure, and the entire work area is electrostatically sprayed.

The countertop is made of stainless steel.

It adopts galvanized square tube steel plate structure and is treated with electrostatic spraying as a whole. The work area

The countertop is made of stainless steel.

fan Single YYD-50*1, double YYD-50*2 (independent tap fan, independent motor winding)
controller High, medium and low speed adjustment, soft contact switch
Universal wheel Nylon wheel material, wear-resistant, 4 load-bearing 400Kg
Airflow direction Horizontal flow direction
windshield 8mm thickened glass, surrounded by blue aluminum alloy edges and beveled edges (square glass models can be customized).
Applicable number of people Single person single sided Double single sided Single person single sided Double single sided

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