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Steel Plate Self-cleaning Pass Box
  • Steel Plate Self-cleaning Pass BoxSteel Plate Self-cleaning Pass Box

Steel Plate Self-cleaning Pass Box

The Jinda Steel Plate Self-cleaning Pass Box from China factory is an air purification equipment used in clean workshops and is suitable for the transfer of small goods between clean rooms or between clean rooms and non-clean rooms. The use of this transfer window can effectively reduce the number of door openings of the clean room and reduce the degree of contamination in the clean room to a minimum.

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Product Description

The Jinda Steel Plate Self-cleaning Pass Box from China suppliers is a specialized piece of equipment used in cleanrooms and controlled environments to facilitate the transfer of materials or items between two areas with different cleanliness classifications without compromising the cleanliness of either side.

1. Purpose:

Self-cleaning pass boxes are designed to prevent the ingress of contaminants, particles, or microorganisms from one cleanroom or controlled environment to another, while also allowing for the transfer of materials, documents, or items.

2. Steel Plate Construction:

steel plate pass box is constructed using stainless steel or other suitable materials known for their durability, resistance to corrosion, and ease of cleaning. This construction ensures the pass box itself is easy to maintain and clean.

3. Self-Cleaning Mechanism:

The self-cleaning feature typically involves integrated systems that automatically disinfect or sterilize the interior of the pass box, usually using methods like UV-C germicidal lamps, hydrogen peroxide vapor, or other appropriate disinfection technologies. This process helps maintain a controlled and clean environment within the pass box.

4. Air Filtration and Pressure Control:

Steel Plate Self-cleaning Pass Boxes often have built-in air filtration systems and pressure differentials to ensure that the air entering and leaving the pass box is filtered and controlled to maintain the desired cleanliness levels.

5. Hands-Free or Touchless Operation:

To minimize contamination, self-cleaning pass boxes may have hands-free or touchless controls, such as infrared sensors, to open and close the access doors, ensuring that users do not have to physically touch the equipment.

6. Interlocking Doors:

Pass boxes typically have interlocking doors that prevent both doors from being open simultaneously, reducing the risk of contamination between the two areas.

7. Compliance with Cleanroom Standards:

Self-cleaning pass boxes are designed to meet or exceed the cleanliness and contamination control requirements specified by cleanroom standards such as ISO 14644.

8. Validation and Monitoring:

These systems are often equipped with monitoring and validation features to ensure that the self-cleaning process is effective and that the pass box continues to meet cleanliness standards.

Steel Plate Self-cleaning Pass Boxes play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of cleanroom and controlled environments by minimizing the risk of contamination during material transfer. The choice of construction material, cleaning mechanism, and other features can vary depending on the specific needs of the cleanroom and the materials being transferred.

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