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Self Cleaning Dynamic Pass Box
  • Self Cleaning Dynamic Pass BoxSelf Cleaning Dynamic Pass Box

Self Cleaning Dynamic Pass Box

The Jinda Self Cleaning Dynamic Pass Box is constructed using smooth 201/304 stainless steel plates, ensuring a sleek and polished surface. It incorporates a DO-130 specialized fan and a high-efficiency filter without partitions to maintain a clean working environment.

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Product Description

This Self Cleaning Dynamic Pass Box is designed with the option of two electronic or mechanical interlocking devices. These interlocking systems synchronize the opening and closing of double doors, effectively preventing cross-contamination of the air. Additionally, ultraviolet germicidal lamps are integrated for sterilization, providing an extra layer of defense against bacterial intrusion.

The working principles of the mechanical and electronic interlocking devices are as follows:

Mechanical Interlocking Device:

The mechanical interlocking is implemented internally within the pass box. When one door is opened, a mechanism ensures that the other door remains locked and cannot be opened simultaneously. The closed position of the first door is a prerequisite for unlocking and opening the second door. This physical linkage mechanism prevents both doors from being open at the same time, effectively minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

Electronic Interlocking Device:

Internally, the electronic interlocking device utilizes integrated circuits, electromagnetic locks, control panels, and indicator lights. When one door is opened, the indicator light on the other door does not illuminate, signaling that it cannot be opened. Simultaneously, an electromagnetic lock engages to physically prevent the opening of the second door. Upon closing the first door, the electromagnetic lock on the second door is activated, and its indicator light illuminates, indicating that the second door is now accessible. This electronic control system ensures a secure and sequential operation of the pass box doors, maintaining the integrity of the controlled environment.

Application areas

Self Cleaning Dynamic Pass Boxes are widely used in microtechnology, biological laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, food processing industries, LCDs, electronics factories and other places that require air purification.

Functional classification

The Self Cleaning Dynamic Pass Boxes functions are divided into three categories: 1. Electronic interlocking transfer window; 2. Mechanical interlocking transfer window; 3. Self-cleaning transfer window; we can produce different specifications and uses according to your needs, such as:

 1. Single-sided double-door electronic interlocking transfer window;

 2. Single door mechanical chain transfer window;

 3. Single-door electronic chain transfer window;

 4. Floor-standing air shower transfer window;

 5. Buzzer intercom transmission window, etc.

Product parameters

Specifications, dimensions and calculation formulas of various flat door transfer windows
ClassificationInner diameter size (width*depth*height) mmOuter diameter size (width*depth*height) mmWind speedoptional features
Universal transfer window500W*500D*500H690W*565D*630HnoneUltraviolet germicidal lamps, electronic interlocks, intercoms, warning lights, differential pressure gauges, etc.
Laminar flow transfer window500W*500D*500H700W*560D*1020HAbout 0.5m/s+20%
Air shower transfer window500W*500D*500H700W*560D*1020HAbout 20m/s
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