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What is a clean room?


A clean room, also known as a clean room, refers to an environment with low pollution levels. The sources of pollution here include dust, airborne microorganisms, suspended particles, and chemical volatile gases. More precisely, a clean room has a controlled level of pollution, which can be determined by the number of particles per cubic meter or the maximum particle size. Low level clean rooms are usually not disinfected (such as uncontrolled microorganisms), and are more concerned with airborne dust. The definition of a clean room is to remove pollutants such as fine dust particles from the air within a spatial range, resulting in a relatively clean environment. That is to say, there are relatively few dust particles in this environment, which is called a clean room. Clean rooms are widely used in industries that are particularly sensitive to environmental pollution, such as semiconductor production, biotechnology, precision machinery, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, etc. Among them, the semiconductor industry has particularly strict requirements for indoor temperature, humidity, and cleanliness, so it must be controlled within a certain demand range to not affect the process. As a production facility, a clean room can occupy many locations in the factory building. The clean room system produces clean air that meets specifications, continuously and stably supplying sufficient clean air to the user end. It is located in the manufacturing area (FAB) of the clean room. The following is a brief introduction to the treatment process of the clean room by Wuxi Yijing, the manufacturer of the air shower room. After the external air is preliminarily filtered and the temperature and humidity of the particles are controlled through the Make-up Air Unit or MAU, the circulating air volume of the clean room is mixed with the supplementary air volume of the external air conditioning box through the Mech. Chase return air duct room, The return air between the return air ducts is cooled to the required specifications of the clean room through a Dry Cooling Coil, and the airflow in the clean room is circulated by a fan filter unit or FFU to remove dust and heat. Finally, it is filtered by an ultra-low filtration air or ULPA filter and supplied to the Fab area. Wuxi Yijing, a manufacturer of wind shower rooms, specializes in the design and construction of various types of clean rooms, clean workshops, clean workshop engineering, and clean workshop purification engineering. It has industry-leading construction performance and reputation, and has rich experience in the production fields of clean rooms, clean purification workshops, clean workshop engineering, and clean workshop purification engineering in the electronics, chemical, mechanical, and pharmaceutical industries. The construction technology is mature, and the quality of clean purification engineering is reliable.

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