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Can frequent entry and exit of air shower rooms be harmful to human health?


When working in the air shower room of the clean workshop, the main method is to remove dust from the human body by blowing air. However, for personnel working in the clean workshop, it is necessary to blow and shower through the air shower room every day to enter the purification area. This has no direct impact on the body. Firstly, we need to understand the internal structure of the air shower room. The main components inside the air shower room include: high volume centrifugal fans, high-efficiency filters, automatic control systems The intelligent voice system, infrared sensing system, and other related control systems should be eliminated first, and it is more likely that the wind blown out by the fan in the air shower room.

When working in the air shower room, the air is first sucked in by a fan, filtered out by primary and high-efficiency filters, and then blown onto the human body at a wind speed of 20-25 meters/second. The blown air is filtered through primary and high-efficiency filters, which means that the actual blown air is clean. It can be understood that the cleanliness of the air is dozens of times higher than that of ordinary indoor air conditioners we usually use, and clean air is not harmful to the human body, This should be understandable to everyone.

If it must be said that it has an impact on the human body, it may be because the high wind speed can cause colds on people. Generally, the wind blowing time in the shower room is around 10-20 seconds, which has no impact on the human body. Moreover, when people enter the clean workshop shower room, they wear dust-free clothes, which means they are wearing thick clothes.

Therefore, the process of blowing and showering in the clean workshop air shower room is actually a normal physical process, with no radiation and no harm to the human body.
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