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​Classification of Purpose of Clean Workbench


The ultra-clean workbench is designed to meet the needs for cleanliness of local work areas in modern industry, optoelectronics industry, biopharmaceuticals, scientific research and experiments and other fields. A clean bench is different from a biosafety cabinet. The ultra-clean workbench can only protect the reagents operated in the workbench from contamination, but does not protect the staff. The biological safety cabinet is a negative pressure system that can effectively protect the staff.


1. Digital display control interface, touch key operation, can realize three-speed speed adjustment and display the operating status of the fan, lighting lamp and ultraviolet lamp.

2. The UV lamp can be set to be turned on and off by appointment, and the cumulative running time of the fan, UV lamp, and filter can be displayed in real time.

3. The work surface is made of one-piece stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

4. An arbitrary positioning sliding door system using patented technology.

5. The outer box is made of cold-rolled steel plate with ivory white electrostatic powder coating, which has strong corrosion resistance and can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of the cabinet.

6. The streamlined and luxurious shape of the whole machine reduces the air flow in the working area from being disturbed.

7. Universal rotating casters with brake device, flexible movement, convenient and reliable fixing.

8. The humanized quick replacement and cleaning design of the pre-filter makes it more convenient for customers.

9. Interlocking function of lighting and bacteria-killing system, with spare socket design and power-off protection function, making it safe and convenient to use.

10. It has single and double-sided operation functions, and single or double-person operation is available.

11. Each clean workbench has undergone factory testing of product performance in accordance with industry standards and meets various medical device safety requirements.

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