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​Maintenance classification of clean workbench


1. According to actual usage conditions, the primary filter should be removed and cleaned regularly. The cleaning cycle is generally 3 to 6 months. (If it is not washed for a long time, dust accumulation will affect the insufficient air intake and reduce the cleaning effect).

2. When the ideal cross-sectional wind speed still cannot be reached after normal replacement or cleaning of the primary air filter, the operating voltage of the fan should be adjusted (turn the knob) to achieve the ideal average wind speed (turn the fan off when the new workbench is first used). The operating voltage can be adjusted to 80V~90V).

3. Generally, after eighteen months of use, when the fan operating voltage is adjusted to the point and still cannot reach the ideal wind speed, it means that the high-efficiency air filter has too much dust (the filter holes on the filter material have been basically blocked, so it must be removed in time Update), the general service life of high-efficiency air filters is eighteen months.

4. When replacing the high-efficiency air filter, you should pay attention to the correct model size (original manufacturer configuration), install it according to the arrow wind direction, and pay attention to the surrounding seal of the filter to prevent leakage.

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