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Stainless Steel Air Showers
  • Stainless Steel Air ShowersStainless Steel Air Showers
  • Stainless Steel Air ShowersStainless Steel Air Showers
  • Stainless Steel Air ShowersStainless Steel Air Showers
  • Stainless Steel Air ShowersStainless Steel Air Showers

Stainless Steel Air Showers

Jinda Stainless Steel Air Showers play a critical role in maintaining cleanroom integrity by removing loose contaminating particles from people and products before they enter the room.Jinda is China manufacturer & supplier who mainly produces Air Showers, pass boxes, Clean Bench with many years of experience. Hope to build business relationship with you.

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Product Description

Jinda Stainless Steel Air Showers from China factory serve as an entry system that facilitates the entry process into cleanroom environments. This system plays a critical role in ensuring the appropriate cleanliness standards are met, and it guides users through the necessary steps for dressing and storing garments.

The key aspects of a well-designed air shower system include:

Cycle Time: The effectiveness of the air shower primarily hinges on the time it takes to completely remove contamination during the shower cycle.
Dwell Time: Dwell time, which is the interval between the end of the cycle and the opening of the doors, is crucial. It allows removed contaminants to settle, preventing them from being reintroduced into the cleanroom when the doors are opened.
Filtration: Filtration plays a critical role in the process by eliminating particulates from the cleanroom attire and extracting them from the environment before permitting entry into the cleanroom.
Points of Impact: The airflow, dispersed from nozzles positioned along the walls and ceiling, impacts multiple points on the garments. This diffuse contact creates a pulsating effect on the clothing, dislodging particulates and enhancing the decontamination process.

Jinda Stainless Steel Air Showers parameters

model FLS-1A(G/X) FLS-1B(G/X) FLS-2B(G/X)
Applicable number of people 1 person/time (single blow) 1 person/time (single double blow) 2 people/time (double blowjob)
Air shower time 0~99S adjustable 0~99S adjustable 0~99S adjustable
Number of nozzles 6 pieces (one side) 12 (bilateral) 18 (bilateral)
Nozzle outlet wind speed ≥20-22m/s
filter efficiency For particle size ≥0.5μm, dust should be ≥99.95% (sodium flame method)
Inner diameter size (mm) 800 * 900 * 1970 800 * 900 * 1970 800 * 1400 * 1970
Overall dimensions (mm) 1200 * 1000 * 2100 1400 * 1000 * 2100 1400 * 1500 * 2100
power supply 380V 50Hz (three-phase four-wire system)
flashlight LED energy-saving hole light 5W * 1 piece LED energy-saving hole light 5W * 1 piece LED energy-saving hole light 5W * 2 pcs
Air shower fan Fan MJ-160*1 set Fan MJ-160*2 sets Fan MJ-220*2 sets
Maximum power consumption 0.6KW 1.3KW 2.0KW
Filter dimensions (mm) High efficiency: 600*600*120-1 High efficiency: 600*600*120-2 pieces High efficiency: 820*600*120-2 pieces
Control System 1. Digital display control system: adopts integrated circuit board, PC control, digital display screen, female voice prompts, automatic light switch, photoelectric induction automatic shower, electronic interlock, automatic stop after shower end, with empty waiting alarm, automatic Unlocking, lighting delay, and door-closing voice warm prompt functions.
2. LCD screen control system: using integrated circuit board, PLC control, LCD display, female voice prompts, LED lighting automatic switch, manual and automatic functions can be switched, default automatic function, built-in OTS fault code display system, using Japan's Omron photoelectric induction automatic shower device, the double doors adopt LCJ Luxjian brand electronic interlock device, which automatically stops after the shower is completed. It has the functions of waiting alarm, automatic unlocking, lighting delay, and warm voice prompts for closing the door.
door closer Brand: Fulda (domestic)/Doma (Germany) 68-80Kg*2 pieces;
Blowing method Fully automatic photoelectric induction automatic shower, with electronic interlock function.
Box material 1. The whole steel plate is sprayed with plastic, and the inner bottom is made of stainless steel; 2. The whole is made of 201/304 stainless steel; 3. The outer steel plate is sprayed with plastic, and the inner tank and door are made of 201/304 stainless steel.


Before entering the Stainless Steel Air Shower Clean Room, please change and wear clean work clothes, and carefully observe the status of the air shower. When no one is using it, the staff gently opens the door, enters the air shower room, and closes the door to isolate it from the outside world. When the power switch is on, passing through the induction area, the fan automatically runs and starts showering. Head over your head and turn your body 360 degrees to remove dirt from the surface of various parts of your body.
dust. When the air shower is completed, push the door to enter the clean area. At the same time, the door automatically closes and the process ends and leaves the air shower room.

  • Stainless Steel Air Showers

    3C certified tempered glass windows

  • Stainless Steel Air Showers

    stainless steel nozzle

  • Stainless Steel Air Showers

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