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Single Person Steel Plate Air Shower Room
  • Single Person Steel Plate Air Shower RoomSingle Person Steel Plate Air Shower Room

Single Person Steel Plate Air Shower Room

This Jinda Single Person Steel Plate Air Shower Room from China manufacturers adopts the form of jet airflow. The air after primary filtering by the centrifugal fan is pressed into the static pressure box, and then the clean airflow blown out by the nozzle passes through the work area at a certain wind speed, removing dust particles from people and objects themselves. and biological particles are taken away to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

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Product Description

Jinda Air Shower Room’s unique product advantages

The Jinda Single Person Steel Plate Air Shower Room from China factory adopts full sheet metal processing technology, fully automatic computer typesetting laser cutting processing, and fully automatic CNC one-time forming and bending; the equipment has high precision in hole opening and corner cutting, and good flatness in shearing and bending. The plates are all made of SUS304 brushed or 201 stainless steel, or cold-rolled steel plates and painted. The paint process adopts the automotive spray painting process, and the surface is made by pickling, phosphating, oil removal, rust removal, spraying, and high-temperature baking.

PLC control system, LCD blue screen display, built-in OTS fault code display system, intelligent and warm voice prompt function. The control system can be divided into manual and automatic control switching, soft contact control switches, and the keyboard is protected by a secret lock password to prevent employees from setting it arbitrarily. Delay lighting settings and screen saver settings are all intelligent and user-friendly settings.

All electrical appliances, electronic interlocks, and door closer accessories of the air shower room are made of domestic and foreign brand accessories; brand accessories ensure the safe and stable operation of the air shower room. German Dorma door closers, LCJ electronic interlocks, and Japanese Omron photoelectric switches ensure the stability and reliability of the sensing device.

Technical Parameters of Single Person Steel Plate Air Shower Room

Applicable number of people 1 person/time
Air shower time 0~99S adjustable
Number of nozzles 6 pieces (single blow)
Nozzle outlet wind speed ≥20m/s
filter efficiency For dust with particle size ≥0.5μm, it should be ≥99.99% (sodium flame method)
Air shower area size (mm) 800*900*1980
    Overall dimensions (mm) 1200*1000*2100
    power supply 380V50HZ
flashlight  LED energy-saving lamp 5W*1
Air shower fan  fan DO 165*1 set
Maximum power consumption 0.8KW
Overall dimensions of high efficiency filter (mm) Jinda 600*600*120-1
Circuit control

Jinda Electric uses integrated circuit board, PLC control, LCD display

Female voice prompts, LED lighting automatically switches on and off, manual and automatic functions can be switched,

Default automatic function, built-in OTS fault code display system, using Japanese Omron Optoelectronics

Induction automatic shower device, the double doors adopt LCJ Luxjian brand electronic interlock device, shower

End idle stop, with idle alarm, idle unlock, lighting delay, door closing voice temperature

Hint function.

door closer 6085Kg*2 pieces
Blowing method All-eye motion photoelectric induction, motion blowing shower with electronic interlocking function.
shell material The order plate is spray-painted (optional steel plate spray-paint or made of 201 stainless steel)

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