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​Classification of issues that need attention in purification workshop projects


■Air conditioning purification requires attention to energy saving

The air-conditioning purification of the 100,000-level purification workshop project is a large energy consumer, and energy-saving measures need to be adopted in the design and construction. In the design, the division of systems and areas, calculation of air supply volume, determination of temperature and relative temperature, determination of cleanliness level and number of air changes, fresh air ratio, air duct insulation, and the impact of the bite method in air duct production on the air leakage rate The influence of the connection angle of the main pipe and branch pipe on the air flow resistance, whether the flange connection is leaking, and the selection of equipment such as air conditioning boxes, fans, chillers, etc. are all related to energy consumption. Therefore, these details of the 100,000-level purification workshop project must be considering.

■Automatic control equipment ensures full conditioning

At present, some manufacturers use manual methods to control air volume and air pressure. However, since the regulating valves for controlling air volume and air pressure are all in technical compartments, and the ceilings are also soft ceilings made of color steel plates, they are basically installed and debugged. It was adjusted at the time, but most of it has not been adjusted since then, and it is actually impossible to adjust it. In order to ensure the normal production and work of the clean workshop of the 100,000-level purification workshop project, a relatively complete set of automatic control equipment should be set up to complete the following functions: clean room air cleanliness, temperature and humidity, pressure difference monitoring, air valve adjustment, high-purity gas , detection of temperature, pressure, flow rate of pure water and circulating cooling water, monitoring of gas purity, pure water quality, etc.

■The air duct requires economy and power.

In the 100,000-level purification workshop engineering centralized or purification air-conditioning system, the requirement for the air duct is to be both economical and effective in supplying air. The former requirements are reflected in low price, convenient construction, operating cost, and small internal and external lubrication resistance. The latter refers to good tightness, no air leakage, no dust generation, no dust accumulation, no pollution, and can be fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and moisture-resistant.

■Telephones and fire equipment are indispensable

Setting up telephones and intercoms in the 100,000-level purification workshop engineering building can reduce the number of people moving around the clean area and reduce the amount of dust. It can also contact the outside in time in the event of a fire, and also create conditions for normal working contacts. In addition, the 100,000-level purification workshop should also be equipped with a fire alarm system to prevent the fire from being easily discovered by the outside and causing serious economic losses.

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