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Mobile Air Self-purifier
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Mobile Air Self-purifier

The casing of the Jinda Mobile Air Self-purifier from China factory is entirely made of cold-rolled steel plate and is composed of a fan, primary filter, air supply static pressure box, high-efficiency filter and flow equalizing plate. It is also equipped with a wind speed adjuster, which can adjust the wind speed according to the actual situation. The purification level air outlet can reach level 1,000.

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Product Description

The work surface of the Jinda customized Mobile Air Self-purifier can reach a clean level of 10,000 (that is, there are about 10,000 ≥0.5μm particles in 1ft3 of air).

The lower part of the air self-purification unit is equipped with movable casters, which can be moved to the required position as required and then fixed. It is flexible and convenient to use. It adopts a variable air volume fan system with multi-speed speed adjustment and can be selected step by step to ensure that the wind speed in the local work area is always in an ideal state. .

Type ZJ-F600 ZJ-600 ZJ-800 ZJ-Y600 ZJ-Y800
Filtration efficiency ≥99.95%(对于≥0.5μ) ≥99.95%(对于≥0.5μ)
vibration half peak ≤3μ ≤3μ
power supply
220V 50Hz
220V 50Hz
Maximum power ≤350W ≤400W
wind speed



600*600*290 700*700*290 900*700*290       700*380*1450 920*380*1450
Specifications and quantities of high-efficiency filters without partitions 484*484*50*① 600*600*50*① 820*600*50*① 600*600*120*① 820*600*120*①
Air volume 400-500m³/h 600-700m³/h 800-1000m³/h 600-800m³/h 800-1000m³/h
Opening size (mm)
650*650 850*650

High, middle and low taps, independent winding

High, medium and low speed adjustment
The main material Galvanized plate/steel plate electrostatic spraying Steel plate electrostatic spraying

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