HEPA Filter Box
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  • HEPA Filter BoxHEPA Filter Box
  • HEPA Filter BoxHEPA Filter Box

HEPA Filter Box

The static pressure box is made of low carbon steel material, and the high-efficiency filter and the static pressure box are integrated into a whole. Jinda HEPA Filter Box from China manufacturers and suppliers is configured at the air inlet of the static pressure box. The regulating valve adjusts the air supply uniformity and static pressure effect. It is light weight and safe.
It is more convenient to install and is especially suitable for installation in clean rooms with aluminum alloy keels.

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Product Description

Jinda HEPA filters used in these boxes are highly efficient filters that can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of at least 99.97%. HEPA filter boxes from China factory are typically designed as enclosures or housing units that contain the HEPA filter element. The design ensures that all air passing through the box is filtered by the HEPA filter.

Product Series

There are two series of high-efficiency air supply outlets: I and II. Series I is in the form of replaceable filters, and Series II is in the form of disposable air outlets, both of which are downward air supply.
High-efficiency air supply outlet series I: This air outlet is composed of high-efficiency filters, high-quality thin steel plates, aluminum alloy diffusion orifice plates, etc. It is easy to install, has reliable sealing, and can easily replace the filter. Takeover options are available Use top or side connections.
High-efficiency air supply vent series II: divided into ultra-thin type and thin type. They are all disposable air outlets, which are easy to replace (you only need to remove the pipe clamp of the soft joint between the air supply pipe and the air outlet). This series is particularly suitable for purification air conditioning systems with limited ceiling space. Main advantages: The box structure is simple and reliable, with strong ventilation, uniform air supply, easy installation and simple maintenance.

Product parameters

type Dimensions of static pressure box high efficiency air filter Rated air volume Air inlet duct size Duct link Assembly dimensions Ring spacing weight
Side air intake Top air intake L×W×Hmm Dimensions(mm) m³/h (A×Bmm) (C×Dmm) (T×S×R×Gmm) PMm kg
GFK-320 GFK 320D 370×370×530 320×320×220 500 200×200 250×250 438×438 344×344 ~20
GFK-484 GFK 484D 534×534×530 484×484×220 1000 320×200 370×250 588×588×294×294 508×508 ~26
GFK-610 GFK 610D 660×660×460 610×610×150 1000 320×250 370×300 716×716×358×358 634×634 ~30
GFK-820 GFK 820D 870×650×460 820×600×150 1200 320×250 370×300 926×706×436×353 844×624 ~35
GFK-630 GFK 630D 680×680×530 630×630×220 1500 320×250 370×300 735×736×368×368 654×654 ~35
GFK-726 GFK 726D 776×534×530 726×484×220 1500 400×200 450×250 832×590×416×295 750×508 ~35
GFK-915 GFK 915D 965×660×460 915×610×150 1500 500×250 500×300 1022×716×511×358 939×634 ~40
GFK-968 GFK 968D 1018×534×530 968×484×220 2000 500×200 550×250 1074×590×537×295 992×508 ~50
GFK-1220 GFK 1220D 1270×660×460 1220×610×150 2000 500×200 550×250 1326×716×332×358 1244×634 ~55
GFK-945 GFK 945D 955×680×530 945×630×220 2200 500×250 550×300 1052×736×526×368 969×654 ~50
GFK-1260 GFK 1260D 1310×680×530 1260×630×220 3000 630×200 680×250 1366×736×455×368 1284×654 ~60

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