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External Ozone Generator
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External Ozone Generator

This Jinda External Ozone Generator from China factory is the latest dedicated ozone generator for air conditioning systems. It is widely used in electronics, optics, chemistry, biology, medicine, scientific research and other projects. It is a must-have product for purifying your air conditioning system. Mainly used for disinfection and sterilization of studios and clean rooms.

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Product Description

This Jinda External Ozone Generator from China suppliers introduces Japan's sub-high-voltage (3500V) plasma ozone generation technology, which is in surface working mode. The amount of ozone generated is large and stable. Due to the characteristics of its own body and process, the ozone generator has certain effects on the environment, temperature and humidity when working. It has strong adaptability and can work continuously for a long time, thus truly realizing the user's strict requirements for high performance and long life.

Features of External Ozone Generator

This generator uses surface plasma, composite ceramic media, gold-containing material coverage, and overall nano-coating as the core ozone generating components, replacing the pipe network glass media generating tube. The standard service life is 30,000 hours, marking a new milestone in the combination of dedicated ozone generators for HVAC systems and modern high technology.

External Ozone Generator

Control system: External Ozone Generator adopts imported original programmable controller microcomputer timing program controller. This machine can be used in A-B gears respectively, and can carry out intelligent control and manual control such as separate control and integrated control.

Ventilation structure: This machine has a completely open structure, with a more refined and scientific structure, small wind resistance, reducing wind resistance by more than 50%, and both air ducts and air conditioning boxes can be installed.

Parameters of External Ozone Generator

External Ozone Generator

Type voltage(V) Overall probability(W) Ozone production(g\h) Sterilization space(㎡) Host size(mm)
SY-K5 220 100 5 100 400*200*530
SY -K10 220 150 10 200 400*200*530
SY -K15> 220 200 15 300 400*200*530
SY -K20 220 300 20 400 400*200*530
SY -K30 220 450 30 600 400*300*530
SY -K40 220 600 40 800 400*300*530
SY -K50 220 750 50 1000 400*300*530
SY -K60 220 900 60 1200 400*300*840
SY -K70 220 1000 70 1400 400*300*840
SY -K80 220 115 80 1600 400*300*840
SY -K90 220 1300 90 1800 400*300*840
SY -K100 220 1450 100 2000 400*300*840
SY -K120 220 1750 120 2400 400*300*840

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