Cleanroom Hand Wash Basin
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Cleanroom Hand Wash Basin

The Jinda high quality cleanroom hand wash basin, also known as a cleanroom sink or cleanroom handwashing station, is a specialized piece of equipment used in environments that require stringent cleanliness and contamination control, such as cleanrooms in industries like pharmaceuticals, semiconductor manufacturing, biotechnology, and healthcare. These facilities demand a high level of cleanliness to prevent the introduction of contaminants, particles, or microorganisms into the controlled environment.

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Product Description

Performance characteristics

The tank design of the Jinda Cleanroom Hand Wash Basin from China factory is based on ergonomic principles and has multiple modes to choose from. Mode A: Sets the water outlet time of 15-90s to effectively standardize the hand washing operation process and meet the cleaning and disinfection operation requirements of surgical personnel. The infrared sensing system has high sensitivity and strong anti-interference to avoid secondary pollution. It is made of all stainless steel and is durable, safe and reliable. The 5μm water filter effectively blocks impurities in the urban water supply. The leakage protection design ensures It is safe for operators to use, and the tank is set to be silent when water falls into the tank.

Structure and composition

The all-stainless steel tank body has an overall seamless design and is extremely easy to clean. The infrared induction water outlet system is equipped with a medical faucet, so no water is wasted. Automatic soap/liquid dispenser, convenient and hygienic to use, luxurious stainless steel back plate to maintain the overall effect (standard type), special use of surgical operators for brushing (standard type), automatic heating system, adjustable outlet water temperature (standard type) , according to customer requirements, the water outlet mode can be controlled by infrared sensor/leg touch/foot pedal mode.

1. Size: 1500x600x1800;

2. Water outlet method: induction type, knee-controlled type, foot-operated type, you can choose any one;

3. Bring lights and mirrors;

4. Heating method: water heater heating.

The wash basin is made of double-layered SUS304 stainless steel, with special silent treatment in the middle. The tank body is ergonomically designed so that water will not splash on the body when washing hands.

Gooseneck faucet, light-controlled sensor water outlet, safe and reliable. Distribution Heater Deluxe Light Mirror Decorative Cover. Heating method: electric heating; soap dispensing device: infrared soap dispensing device; drug administration device: infrared ray drug administration; tank length: 1500mm for 2 persons. It is spacious and comfortable, and easy to use at the same time.

Main performance and technical parameters
type Specifications (width x depth x height)
single persons 900x600x1800/1200x600x1800
Double persons 1500x600x1800/1800x600x1800
three persons 2000x600x1800/2400x600x1800(Enlarged size)
                                                                                             Accept orders based on customer specific requirements!

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