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Clean Sampling Vehicle

The Jinda clean sampling vehicle from China manufacturers is designed for the collection of raw and ancillary materials in pharmaceutical and sterile preparations. It finds extensive use in the sampling of primary materials for special applications. The Clean Sampling Vehicle of stainless steel layer with perforated plating guarantees long-lasting corrosion resistance, while the outer layer features a white, electrostatically sprayed surface treatment for a smooth, dust-free finish, ensuring both convenience and durability.

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Product Description

Efficiency: Jinda Clean Sampling Vehicles from China factory are designed to streamline the sample collection process, allowing for quicker and more efficient sampling of materials and substances.

Precision: They provide a controlled and stable environment for sampling, reducing the risk of contamination or errors in the collection process, ensuring the accuracy of the samples.

Cleanliness: Sampling cars are often equipped with features to maintain a clean and sterile environment, preventing external contaminants from affecting the samples.

Compliance: They are designed to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring that samples are collected in accordance with the necessary quality and safety standards, such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Versatility: Sampling cars can be used in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, food production, electronics, and more, making them versatile tools for sample collection.

Safety: They are often equipped with safety features to protect operators from exposure to hazardous materials or environments, enhancing workplace safety.

Consistency: Clean Sampling Vehicles can help maintain consistent and repeatable sampling conditions, reducing variability in the collected samples.

Reduced Contamination: By providing a controlled and enclosed environment, sampling cars minimize the risk of sample contamination from external sources.

Documentation: Many sampling cars can record data related to the sampling process, aiding in traceability and compliance with record-keeping requirements.

Ease of Use: Sampling cars are designed for ease of operation, making them accessible to a range of users and reducing the potential for human error in the sampling process.

Longevity: Quality sampling cars are built to last, with durable materials and construction, ensuring they can be used for an extended period.

In summary, Clean Sampling Vehicles offer a range of benefits that contribute to more efficient, accurate, and compliant sample collection processes across various industries.

Product parameters

Type PQ-715 PQ-930 PX-715 PX-930
Overall dimensions (width*depth*height mm) 715*715*1850 930*715*1850 985*715*1850 1200*715*1850
Purification area size (width * depth * height mm) 615*700*1450 830*700*1450 615*700*1450 830*700*1450
Purification efficiency One hundred thousand level
noise ≤65dB(A)
Vibration ≤3μm(X、Y、Z三个方向)
Maximum power 400W
Voltage 220V50Hz
High efficiency filter specifications and quantity 600*600*120*① 820*600*120*① 600*600*120*① 820*600*120*①
Primary filter specifications and quantity            490*490*20*①          490*490*20*①         490*490*20*①        490*490*20*①
Lighting/UV lamp specifications and quantity 9W*①/14W*① 9W*①/14W*① 9W*①/14W*① 9W*①/14W*①
Charging and battery life _ _ Charging voltage 220V 50Hz, full charging time 5H, battery life 3H, battery capacity 120AH
fan High, middle and low taps, independent winding
Universal wheel White nylon wheels, two with brakes on the front
controller High, medium and low speed adjustment
The main material The steel plate is electrostatically sprayed/201 stainless steel/304 stainless steel, with transparent soft curtains at the entrance and exit.

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